Has there ever been a better political song than this?


“This is a song about walrus penis jewelry, which is a real thing. My sister, Rachel, was given some by a Canadian bush pilot when she worked for Alaska Airlines in the 90’s. With regard to the game, we called our colleagues, Sodman and Solimine, and said, "We’d like a cathartic interactive experience. We’d also like to shoot bluebirds and meat with a sniff blaster.” They asked us, “What for?” Somebody said, “It’s time to start healing.” - Matt Berninger




doesn’t count unless you have an actual example.




good, but loses points for no mention of walrus dick jewellery


yep. basically every Fela Kuti joint innit







(really need to get around to starting a modern country thread)


:smiley: how was there ever another war after that?


yes, this Sir:


no more war please pleas Tim