Has there not been a thread about new APTBS yet?

New album ‘Pinned’ and a gig at the Garage London in May…

was mentioned in the 2018 album hype thread, and linked to the first track:

Like many I thought Transfixiation saw a slight dip in quality compared to everything else they’ve done, but if the first track is anything to go by, the new album should be a return to form.

Leaked. Only heard half of it so far, but fuck me it’s good. Kind of a bit lo-fi, even though it’s still pedal city.

I can see this making my AOTY list already.

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Yeah, this is shit hot. Really enjoying it. Teensy bit more diverse than their previous albums, and much more appealing than Transfixiation.

Braswell (new drummer) adds vocals to a number of tracks, which has really helped to freshen their sound, without them feeling the need to “mature” or “progress” or “make a departure” from their sound (or whatever other stupid cliche people use to try to make out that it’s a good thing that a band has deliberately cast aside what made them exciting and interesting in the first place).

BTW, I’m going to keep bumping this until someone else joins in the discussion.

Cheers for keeping this thread running robluvsnic.

I’m excited for Pinned as I really like all 4 albums (and the Onwards to the Wall EP) alot.

I recall people seemed to think at the time that Worship was a disappointment but I don’t really agree, just think their amazing live sound and performance can’t really be captured on record.

It’s surprising they’re not even just that little bit bigger really but I guess that’s the way it goes for alot of bands - Just glad they’re still going.

Excited for the London gig next month as I’ve not seen them since they played Shacklewell Arms in 2013.

Maybe when the album is actually released there’ll be more discussion (though I suspect not).

FWIW, I love all their stuff too. Didn’t find Worship to be a disappointment at all, and agree that Onward to the Wall is ace as well.

I saw them touring Exploding Head, and they were superb. Doubt I’ll get the chance to ever see them again, as they’re not likely to tour my part of the world again in a hurry — especially seeing as there was probably only about 40 people at the gig.

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Seems odd there’s not more discussion as I recall APTBS were mentioned alot on these here boards a few years ago as they’re a firm DIS favorite - and rightly so of course!

My first time seeing them was at XOYO in 2010, then again at Cargo and Dingwalls in 2012, all excellent.

I’ve heard Pinned in its entirity once now and sounds excellent on first listen.

Anyone else?

just me, it seems, though I mentioned it in the new releases thread and @ditch_easter was enthusiastic.

Looks like APTBS aren’t hip no more

Slight tangent but in a simialr vein, the latest album by the Soft Moon is excellent. Again, didn’t see much mention on these boards but thought I’d mention as it’s excellent I think.

I was at ^that gig - lovely stuff…

Will get involved in the new album and report back :+1:

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I haven’t been loving the new Soft Moon. It’s not terrible or anything, but it hasn’t grabbed me by the ears and made me pay attention. I’ll obviously be giving it a fair few more listens yet, so maybe I’ll come round.

Alright, I’m calling it: Pinned is APTBS’s best album yet, and easily frontrunner for my AOTY thus far.

Same effects-laden noise-rock as ever, but this album is packed full of standout songs. There’s heaps of variation here, but without ever departing radically from their sound (this is a very good thing in my book). The inclusion of Braswell’s vocals every now and again is inspired and has helped breath new life into their sound. “Never Coming Back” is a monster of an opener.

It would be a crime if this album didn’t get some more attention, and so I’m @-ing anyone who’s ever said something about APTBS or who made a number of contributions to the melodic-aggressive shoegaze thread. (Although, now I’m worried my enthusiasm will raise expectations to the point that they’re left disappointed…)

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I seem to recall watching these guys at ATP and just never really getting it although my mate did tell me the sound was completely dreadful. I’ll give this a listen

What’s with the long version of the album?

Don’t get me wrong: I’m not saying this will be universally adored, or will win over anyone who doesn’t rate them at all. Just saying that, for those people who liked the first couple of albums but didn’t really bother with them after that, this is the time to check back in and see what the band is doing.

As for the long version, it’s hard not to jump to the conclusion that it’s a cash grab and a dick move. Certainly, I didn’t see it as a preorder option, and now the only way to get the extra songs is to buy the whole album again. Or to fire up soulseek, which is what I will be doing, obviously.

If you click on each extra track there it has a $1 buy option for it. Certainly the ones I looked at did.

Ta, but what I mean is, I would’ve bought the extended version at $12 in the first place. Having preordered the short version at $10, I’m looking at having to pay a lot more than the $2 difference to get the extra tracks.

Except I won’t be, because I’ll acquire them by other means.

Gotcha. Yeah that is crappy!

(There’s an album I love that got put on Bandcamp with two extra tracks you can’t even buy. They’re just trying to get people who bought the album once to buy it again. Fuck that.)

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