Has ‘x’ ever released a song better than ‘y’?

Inspired by realising that Hold On by the xx is the time when they finally made a song better than Intro from their debut. About time too!

  • Hold On
  • Intro
  • Something else

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I think Death Cab is the only band where best song has never been up for debate in my mind.

  • What Sarah Said
  • Other

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One I’d genuinely like to know the answer to since I haven’t gone through the discography yet:

Dinosaur Jr

  • Kracked
  • Sludgefeast
  • Something else

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I only like on Dinosaur Jr song and it’s neither of these.

Or are these albums?


intro is their only good song because it doesn’t have any vocals on it

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Songs off of You’re Living All Over Me. I tried a couple other albums but nothing seemed to match the intensity or style of these.

Wouldn’t make my top 10, maybe even 15 for them

Right album, wrong two - either Little Fury Things or The Lung

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neither of these are the best songs on ‘Your Living’. Little Furry Things 4 Lyfe

Have Mogwai ever released a better song than ‘Fear Satan’?



The Mighty Mighty Bosstones

(where x=the entire musical output of the whole world since time began and y=“The Impression That I Get”)

  • The Impression That I Get
  • Some Other Option

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Fury* - FTFY fake fan


New Paths To Helicon, Part 1 (BBC session version)


Yeah, was just going to post this. I also thought helicon 1 was the generally understood peak Mogwai

I was about to ask if they’ve ever beaten Christmas Steps.



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Billy Idol

  • Rebel yell
  • Eyes Without A Face
  • Something else

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Dancing with Myself doesnt count as it’s Generation X

The Radiothreads

  • The Creeps
  • One of the ones with drums

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The Strokes
Last Night