Has ‘x’ ever released a song better than ‘y’?


Inspired by realising that Hold On by the xx is the time when they finally made a song better than Intro from their debut. About time too!

  • Hold On
  • Intro
  • Something else

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I think Death Cab is the only band where best song has never been up for debate in my mind.

  • What Sarah Said
  • Other

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One I’d genuinely like to know the answer to since I haven’t gone through the discography yet:

Dinosaur Jr

  • Kracked
  • Sludgefeast
  • Something else

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I only like on Dinosaur Jr song and it’s neither of these.

Or are these albums?


intro is their only good song because it doesn’t have any vocals on it


Songs off of You’re Living All Over Me. I tried a couple other albums but nothing seemed to match the intensity or style of these.


Wouldn’t make my top 10, maybe even 15 for them


Right album, wrong two - either Little Fury Things or The Lung


neither of these are the best songs on ‘Your Living’. Little Furry Things 4 Lyfe


Have Mogwai ever released a better song than ‘Fear Satan’?



The Mighty Mighty Bosstones

(where x=the entire musical output of the whole world since time began and y=“The Impression That I Get”)

  • The Impression That I Get
  • Some Other Option

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Fury* - FTFY fake fan


New Paths To Helicon, Part 1 (BBC session version)


Yeah, was just going to post this. I also thought helicon 1 was the generally understood peak Mogwai


I was about to ask if they’ve ever beaten Christmas Steps.




Billy Idol

  • Rebel yell
  • Eyes Without A Face
  • Something else

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Dancing with Myself doesnt count as it’s Generation X


The Radiothreads

  • The Creeps
  • One of the ones with drums

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The Strokes
Last Night