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what antivirus are you using?

what antivirus should I be using?

please and thank you

Really want to hear what #bigopinion Theo has on this.

This couldn’t have gone in Ask Theo?

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it’s not a question for theo specifically, I wanted to get the general forum consensus. although it is theo related.

I feel like I have done the right thing.

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Surely as long as you’re not clicking on any dodgy links and downloading stuff thereafter you won’t have a computer riddled with viruses? What are some of you looking up?

a fairly dodgy music forum

so I don’t need it then?

Hmm. Maybe you do. Wouldn’t frequent those corners of the Internet myself. Just use Malwarebytes now and then to give the PC a onceover. Haven’t had any problems in years.

Time for someone else to step in here.

the built-in microsoft one

i am under the impression that it’s fine

but tbh i use my laptop at home about once a week, if that

Yeah, Windows Defender and the odd Malwarebytes scan and you’re pretty much sorted for everyday use.

You’d need to be clicking on some weird shit for that not to be enough - but everyone has a sense of what sites are gonna be bad, pretty much.

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i ride the internet bare back

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McAfee, obviously.