Haslet is one of the great underrated foods, imho.

Cry about it or pretend you’ve never had it below if you like…


Never heard of it


Dulwich Haslet


Never heard of or knowingly had that but it sounds good.

It’s just pork loaf with herbs, you pervs.

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Not sure I’ve had it but yeah would eat


Yeah this is a good solid opinion that I agree with.



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I’m the kind of guy that, if someone were to ask me “Would you like some haslet?” I would answer “Would I!?” in an enthusiastic way because I’m not sure what it is but wouldn’t want to reveal that fact to someone who could potentially be an enemy and see it as a weakness


Remember liking when i ate meat tbh, dunno what i’m doing in here though

Yeah it’s good stuff, always a pleasant treat when my mum would get it from the deli counter when I was a kid. Now I’m an adult I technically have the agency to do that myself, but have I? Have I hell.

I’m on the haslet diet. If I has it, I let myself eat it


Never had it. Always assumed it’s offally, but a brief google suggests that is not the case. Gonna get some at the shop later if they have it, will report back


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Offally good more like

Excellent bunch of meat. Don’t see enough of it.

It’s no quinoa

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Update: Waitrose in Lewes does not stock haslet. Hasntlet more like

So ive always seen Haslet on the Deli counter in Mozzos but never actually known what it is. Now i know. Dont fancy it tbh.

My local Morrisons quite often has haslet in the discount fridge. Never tried it myself (thinly-veiled vegan post), but my dog goes mad for the stuff.