Hastings + St. Leonard's

Any recommendations for good food, wanker beers, exhibitions, etc.? Thanks.

My house


St Leonard’s stuff:

Goat Ledge - poster girl for the place, always rammed but it’s genuinely good. Katsu fries are to die for imo.

Dark Circles - coffee & records

Heist market - small food hall and wine bar

Cactus Hound - cocktail bar, I’ve never been tho

Hastings stuff:

Stooge coffee - nice coffee, also do ramen and curry pop ups some evenings

Seadog - just a nice basic pub

First In Last Out - another nice pub

Nazar - amazing Turkish food if that’s your bag

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Cafes/work places

If you’re working and need a change of scenery, Heist is a really good place to do it – lots of space, good wifi, and you can easily buy one coffee and stay for hours. (In general it’s a nice place to eat/have drinks)

Stooge is also a nice coffee shop to work in


Goat Ledge by the beach is nice and does solid food right on the beach

Starsky & Hatch is also a really nice place overlooking the sea – more of an outdoor cafe vibe, but they’ve started doing booze recently

The Forbidden Fruit is a chaotic/cursed gay bar that I low-key love

Marina Fountain is a nice pub – but a bit out of the way from everything else

Cactus Hound is a nice bar right by the station, which does good margs

If you’re a craft beer person, the Jolly Fisherman is really tiny but nice

The Imperial does great pizza and delicious beers, and is a really nice pub in general

If you’re down in the old town, the Jenny Lind and Porters both have good outside areas (Porters looks shit from the outside, but the food is decent and its beer garden is surprisingly nice)

Half Man Half Burger is a really nice burger place
If you’re feeling a bit fancy, Farmyard is really delicious (and also does a good lunch special offer I think)

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thanks both :pray:

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The Thai Restaurant and Bookshop is elite.

I love Hastings

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If you’re up for some silly fun then Smuggler’s Adventure is a good laugh with genuinely interesting local history


I know that you haven’t asked for record shop recommendations specifically - but I’ve recently discovered Tough Love in St Leonards, and it’s really good for alternative / underground heavy stuff.

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all good, i’ll take whatever recos you got

Wow and Flutter (next to Stooge) is also a good record shop, they do comics as well

Art/culture wise there’s Hastings Contemporary, idk what’s on there at the moment. Way out my way is Electro Studios, their exhibitions can be a bit hit and miss tbh. There’s the Compound nearby who put on lots of workshops etc.

Weirdly in the shopping centre in Hastings there’s a space for Hastings Art School, they often show student’s work. Julia who runs it is a good egg.

The Piper in St Leonard’s and The Pig in Hastings have the most interesting looking gigs. I’m going to see Grails at the latter next week.

Kino in St Leonards and Electric Palace in Hastings’ old town are your quirky indie cinemas. EP is more hipstery but Kino has more comfortable seats lol

Still not been here :sob: