Hat thread #clothesweek 🎩👒🧢

Tell me about your hats! I love a good hat, especially a good bucket hat, they’re so cute. Really like berets though I always feel like I’m wearing them wrong, love a good sunhat too. What’s your favourite hat? Photos encouraged :cowboy_hat_face:

My beret that i love and dropped in the sea (but got it back)

My excellent straw hat that that is really helpful for sun protection

And my newest hat, a fuzzy bucket hat that is v cosy and I love it a lot

Quite want this hat even though it’s ridiculous, it’s so cute and orangey

I love hats :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


beanie til death

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I have a giant stupid head and hats don’t fit or suit me really. I own a beanie from my work and a Plymouth Argyle bobble hat and that’s as far as it goes. My wife looks good in ANY hat and it drives me mad with jealousy.

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I never wore hats because they accentuate how big my head is.

Recently, however, I wore a baseball cap in Ecuador because of the prolonged time exposed to the sun, and thought it looked OK, or maybe I just don’t care anymore.

Am currently wearing a beanie because there’s no sun on this side of the place I’m currently staying. The beanie also accentuates my giant head.

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Baseball caps for me. Have vans and animal makes.
Use full to protect my neck when working in the garden (wear it back to front so the peak covers my neck)

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Hats don’t really suit me unfortunately, I wish they did!

I have one grey bobble hat that looks OK and keeps me warm that i’ve had for years and I bring out every winter.

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I like wearing my dad’s old sunhat but it looks a bit ridiculous.

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hats look crap on me :frowning:

I thought this too for ages but it’s about finding the right hat and also just giving it a go, you’ll look great <3 @sine_wave too, a good thing I tried was looking at how other people style hats and taking ideas from that til I found what suits me


I’d like to plug this lovely Depop shop that does spliced half and half thick wooly hats. I got two customs ones as xmas gifts for people, she literally let me pick the colours and only £12


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I wear beanies all the time in winter

Baseball caps/ other caps when it’s sunny

This green north face army cap thing was my fave for ages but as you can see the peak is knackered and as you cannot see it absolutely fucking stinks :mask: . It would disintegrate if I attempted to wash it
They no longer make it sadly or I’d get another :worried:

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Big hat wearer here. Felt like there was quite a lot of cultural baggage to deal with when I committed to hat life, think there’s a lot of “hats are sad/ old/ make you stand out/ good in the abstract but don’t suit me as an individual” nonsense to push through.

I have had a fair bit of skin cancer/melanoma so I got over myself a few years ago and started wearing a full brim hat all summer, kind of like a Panama but not exactly. I’ve no hair and get a cold head so I wear a full brim felt hat all winter too. Kids at school i teach at ripped the piss when I first turned up in it but don’t seem to notice or care anymore.

Go hats.


Only have one hat

Bloody love it


I’ve got 2 black beanies (identical - I thought I’d lost one), a orange beanie (a present - it’ll do when I can’t find either black beanie), a gray baseball cap with a logo my mate did me for an old blog I ran and a green faux-military type hat I bought on a whim from wish.com while doing some idle browsing on the toilet last year. You probably didn’t need/want to know that last part.

Love a good hat. DiS has historically been inexplicably anti-hat - I really hope the positivity in this thread so far continues.


Really? Isn’t the demographic mostly balding males?

Gonna get one of them big wide brim witchy hats for this summer, I’m excited for it.

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Flat caps all year round for me, of different materials to suit the weather. Cotton ones for the summer, ones made of wool for this time of year

It is now. They all had decent hairlines once though and they were pretty smug about it.

Whereas I, a true visionary, went bald early and got ahead of the game.

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1x beanie
1x Bucks snapback


I’m always jealous of your woolly hat. It’s the same as one I gave my mum and I wish I hadn’t because it’s cool and I want it back :laughing:

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