Hat thread #clothesweek 🎩👒🧢

hah my friend said similar, that the only beanie she’s ever liked was mine and she nearly accidentally stole it one day

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Used to be a ‘I don’t suit hats’ person but I’ve decided I don’t care and spend most of my time outdoors in a beanie or cap

Love your hats and you look great in them. Find it hard to wear hats with my curls but when I wear it straight get me in a silly hat please.

I loved this 80s one. Wore it a lot at one point. Lost it now :frowning:

I also have a great big furry one that I liked to wear when I was prancing about pretending I was Kate Bush or something. M now wears it instead and looks amazing in it.

Big shoutout to the crow feather crown of M’s that I’d like to wear every day too if I could


Here’s my main winter hat, it’s a sparkly blue/purple ombre thing. Purchased from topshop about 15 years ago

I wear a hat in the summer if I’m going to be in the sun a lot because I am pale

Got this one for xmas (in the sale)


Big head gang. Also have really thick curly hair so most hats make me overheat a bit

Going to Texas in a couple months though and you best believe I’m coming back with a Stetson

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Just the eight caps for me

The bottom left ones are thicker ones for winter, and the three on the right are lighter ones for summer. Two of the other three are felt which I really ought to wear more