Hate it when you start a new job and you get shit like “Oh please call me Steve”

Bitch gimme a break Stephen I’ve got enough on my plate!


Hahaha just use any cups yeah oh no not that one that’s Janes and the Gromit cup that’s Alan’s, just any of the shit ones please but specifically the shit ones that don’t look well used oh mines milk no sugar please hahaha

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Nice to meet you. Do you have your own chair?

We all have own chairs. Please don’t adjust the chairs.

Yeah well I’m an intern but all my friends call me the FUCKIN CEO

I never get asked to do the tea or coffee for guests since I almost killed the accountant

“you don’t have to be mad to work here… But it helps”

Had this multiple times starting new jobs

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Now I wfh I miss everyone showing off a little bit when someone new starts. Was always a nice slightly giddy vibe

“Stephen is what my mum calls me”

Oh, and guess what I call your mum?