Hate Thy Neighbour (TV series) and a wider thread about Vice and Viceland if you like

Series 2 of Hate Thy Neighbour has just started, anybody else seen this? Jamali Maddix goes around the globe spending time with various hate groups. As a multiracial stand up comedian with a big beard it’s quite interesting to see how he gets treated, quite a lot of these groups seem to automatically assume that he’s muslim or jewish or white.

Quite fancy watching the series on Brockhampton too but my issue is that clearly Vice are a bunch of boy’s club cunts and comments made by Billie JD Porter last week make me feel really uneasy about giving these twats any of my time. However, stuff like this is pretty good:

Yeah that post rings true with everything I’ve heard
Fucking post-irony gutter press 99% of the time anyway (their war coverage is quite good)


Dunno about this.

Watched quite a good show about North Korea on Vice the other week.

Isn’t Vice bad now? We shouldn’t be participating in anything Vice related, should we?

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I think that’s the general consensus yeah. They sound terrible at every level pretty much.


Despite my post in the Brockhampton thread I actually have been watching that Jamali Maddix thing. It’s quite good, my one criticism would be the fact that in being so chummy with some of these people he kind of makes them think he’s on their side a bit.

There’s one with some EDL knobhead in the midlands somewhere where it all kicks off a bit at the end and the bloke is going “but you were agreeing with me last week but now you’re trying to stitch me up” and, while he wasn’t ever agreeing with him, he wasn’t exactly challenging him either, more just providing a platform and then going “right, right” after the hatred he was spousing.

It’s a kind of necessary evil in order to get the access but I do think it’s something that other documentarians deal with better.

Also, fuck Vice obviously.

Tbh, I’ve always felt pretty uncomfortable about a good chunk of Vice’s stuff - there’s always been a lot of very sneery/superior writing that makes a lot of the allegations that’ve been made in the last few months seem completely unsurprising.

There’s undoubtedly some good and important stuff on there as well, but it hardly validates the existence of the rest of it and the whole culture around Vice.

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Yeah agree with most of these points. He does fence sit a bit and then at the end sums up with a ‘I don’t agree with anything you’ve been saying but good luck’ and it sits a bit unevenly. Fuck telling Milo he smells nice too.



Yeah, I mean I’ve got no issue at all with trying to show things impassionately and impartially whatsoever. I’m a firm believer in “give them enough rope and let them hang themselves” (and I thought it was good for the Berkley Campus thing) but his issue is that he’s not really behaving impartially, he treats everyone in a very affable way which is good and makes people open up but it can definitely be misconstrued as validation I think.

Not seen this, but it sounds like he’s trying to channel Theroux without understanding exactly what Theroux does?


Aye good points man, Louis’ got that thing of open-ended questions and will call people out in a very polite way, don’t think Maddix does this at all or very rarely. Christ that Berkley campus episode was an infuriating watch, they all are obvs, but this was like banging your head against a wall.

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Yeah. In a very Vice way. He’s a standup (and a decent one as well) so it’s Louis Theroux meets Seinfeld really with his experiences filtering back into segments of stand-up to an extremely Vice audience.

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That Vice audience was filmed in Moth Club so probably a good indicator right there.


Yeah, although to be fair to him, his summary of that episode was almost word for word what I was saying during it. “Literally all these people are idiots who need to shut up”

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Can’t remember whether Trumpland was explicitly associated with VICE or just being promoted by them but it was one of the last things I think I saw that was VICE related.

I definitely think they need to sort out the general culture of the place even if the actual content they’re coming out with a lot of the time is pretty interesting.

I’ve quite enjoyed Epicly Later’d, even as a non-skater. But Vice is, collectively, clearly a bunch of colossal arse-holes.

Vice is basically Sugarape from Nathan Barley isn’t it


Just here to say Vice is shite and while that restaurant piece is an entertaining read, it’s some belm going to ridiculous lengths to trick people just so he could laugh at them when his considerable efforts paid off.

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The Pizza Show makes me incredibly envious and hungry but that’s literally all I know about Vice.