Hate when you have food at an expensive restaurant and it melts in your mouth

If I’m paying £££ for food I want to be able to chew it at least.

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What about ice cream?


Just nice to see M&Ms back on the menu, tbh.

The last (and first) time i went to a really expensive restaurant it was a treat and i didn’t pay, and with those prices i was expecting huge portions and my peasant self was appalled by the tiny (but delicious) servings. The desert literally melted in my mouth and i loved it so much, it was a guava cheesecake thing. So tiny and melty but so good that you can’t even be mad about it


Imagine going to a restaurant, ordering cheese on toast and when a slab of cheddar turns up the waiter says “Sir, it melts in your mouth!”

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Terrible, terrible thread. I’m sorry.

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