Havana Syndrome

What’s the deal, then?

BBC have done a big piece on it, with a definite leaning towards “Yeah this is actual microwave technology being targeted as an attack on US personnel”, which is of course what they would say. Don your finest tinfoil titfer and feel free to speculate what’s really going on.

  • Genuine microwave attacks
  • Psychosomatic delusion
  • Other

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They needed to let themselves sit for sixty seconds after leaving Cuba


I read this New Yorker article on it a few years back and I’m pretty convinced it’s an actual weapon being used against the US.

Just doesn’t sit right to me.

If it’s happening all over, and not just in Cuba, then it means that multiple governments and their security agencies have microwave weapons. That means that the US must have its own that it’s gladly using on other people. So why is it only US staff admitting to being affected? Are they trying to normalise the idea of microwave weapons for future acceptance? Drum up some sympathy for their poor beleaguered foot soldiers of empire?

It’s probably just someone not making popcorn correctly in the embassy

That explains all the weird smells

I’ll mark you down as an “Other” for now.

If it’s only affecting US people on foreign soil the most likely answer is it’s a side effect of some top secret CIA thing in use to try to fuck up the governments of those countries.

That’s what @anon18868718’s podcast leads me to believe.


It’d be amazing if it turned out to be caused by US government-issue diplomatic insoles or something rather than Cuban microwaves.

The report which confirms this would be classified for years and redacted anyway so it may as well be true.

They’re Havana laugh


You Cuban make this up
Okay I’ll stop now


Three theories I am currently entertaining:

  1. Most problems that American service personnel seem to suffer are seemingly caused by the US government, so I agree with your assertion there.

  2. The sustained effort of being EVIL all over the world is corroding their bodies and souls (the psychosomatic illness option).

  3. Russian microwave backpack guns. I think this one is particularly funny because if they have the technology to affect people like this they’re deploying it in a really odd way, just randomly showing up and punking the occasional American office building.

All of these options are quite funny to me, to be honest.


How do you cause Havana syndrome? Fidel with the microwave



My reading of it was that it only started coming out about the US staff being affected when there were so many cases and they weren’t being treated or taken seriously when reporting it to the US government.

Think it’s feasible the US have their own microwave style weapon that they’re using against other nations who’ve just managed to keep it quiet up till now.



You’ve had that book one day and look at you now!


Didn’t they come out a few years ago and say it was just the noise of insects or something?

Havana syndrome caused by sorcery confirmed



Yeah, this has been solved. Americans might be pretending it hasn’t been solved to be dramatic.

Probably the CIA