Havana Syndrome

Yeah i think it sounds like they’re understandably all primed to expect people trying to harm them, then they hear this weird noise that gives them a headache (as noises sometimes do) and put two and two together and make five.

Then you’ve got unrelated things being viewed as symptoms of this supposed weapon, like the guy who got leukemia or the one who had to quit his jobs due to severe headaches - sometimes people just get leukemia and headaches. If we’re to take these things as evidence of attacks, then we’d need evidence that the rate of leukemia is higher than in the general population and that the rate of headaches is higher than could be explained by psychosomatic factors. Without that evidence, it’s a bit silly to speculate about it being due to sonic or microwave attacks.



There’s zero proof that such a microwave weapon exists, and the idea that somehow Cuba, Russia, Iran etc have all shared this tech between themselves and used it all over without it ever leaking is… yeah alright now I do believe the CIA have all had their brains cooked, carry on.


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Yes, but who do the insects work for ?

Actually the CIcadAs


The Cuban Tefal Crisis

I find it really interesting that some people call the supposed microwave attacks an ‘act of war’… Who in the US intelligence community could possibly want to go to war with Cuba or Iran? It’s simply unbelievable