"have a cup of tea, it will cool you down"

What other fucking nonsense do people start coming out with when the weather is like this?


“open a window, it’ll cool the place down”

Running your wrists under a cold tap

  • Cools you down
  • Does it fuck

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Cools your wrists down I guess

Sometimes people say stuff like “it’s really hot today, isn’t it”

drinking hot tea does cool you down


I had a really hot bath last night and felt much cooler when I got out of it

Yeah this is exactly the sort of nonsense we’re after in this thread, thanks


“Stop burning fossil fuels. It’ll cool the place down.”

Take that fish out of the oven, it will cool the plaice down


how does it not

If the air temperature outside is higher than inside you’re just heating up inside.

" Drinking a hot drink increases the body’s heat load and the body responds to that by sweating. The output of sweat is greater than the internal heat gain, and this is where it all starts to make sense ― when the sweat evaporates from the skin, it cools us down.

The sweat increases heat loss and reduces body heat storage. Good info to know, and it’s all thanks to Ollie Jay ― a researcher at University of Ottawa’s School of Human Kinetic ― and the research he published in 2012."

Not my words, the words of huffingtonpost

If outside is the same heat as inside and there isn’t airflow.

Like open window on a moving train - cools it down
Open window on a stationery train - fuck all

what if there’s a breeze though


Better just to do a few press ups then and get sweaty without having to boil a kettle.

“Stop complaining about the weather and you can go home from work now”

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Hello Japes.

Imagine, if you will, the scene in The Matrix (1999) when Morpheous offers Neo the red pill or the blue pill (wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe vs stay in Wonderland and see how deep the rabbit hole goes)

Now, imagine if in this scene I am Morpheous and you are Neo, and imagine that rather than a red pill and a blue pill, I am holding an open window and a closed window.

What do you do in this situation, Japes? I’m keen to find out.


I think it’s to do with getting your insides hot rather than your outsides?

Then the body is like “oh shit better do something about this!”