"Have a great weekend!"

Fuck off, you absolute belter.

Imagine having so little filter that you sloshed that sort of insincere work email chat around, ffs.

How do these people get jobs?

Wine o’clock!!

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  • Too right!
  • What a way to find out that I’m an absolute belter

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Sunday Funday

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Nobody ever has a great weekend.

I’ll cry wank, down some rum, and watch the telly for a bit.

At best a mate will drag you for a walk and a pint. That’s an okay weekend.

Nobody has ever had a great weekend, beyond sport and booze anyway.

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Doesn’t hurt to aim high

It used to be possible to have a great weekend, but I always found they were immediately balanced by the most punishing and painful week


Hope you’re keeping well in this strange great weekend


I was going to say that I’ve fought the temptation to say “have a weekend” in a work email

but I probably have just gone and done it before tbh

international friendlies weekend is hitting the big lad hard.


I tell you what annoys me when it comes to this kind of work chat: when you happen to mention you’re taking a week off and someone asks “Going anywhere nice?”

No, I thought I’d go somewhere really shit and have a thoroughly miserable time.

Boss asked me today if I was doing anything with my week off, and I said “no, there’s a pandemic on”.

I really need the time off.

Really chuckled at this

I’ve got some time off in a couple of weeks. The only advantage about living somewhere where no one can leave the county at the moment except for limited reasons is not having to field questions about whether I’m going anywhere. Everyone already knows the answer is no.

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I like popping that in there at the end of a phonecall on fridays, or just have a good one.

Having a great weekend cheers

No insincerity here, I say it and I mean it