Have any of you been around the world?


Extra points for making as hard as possible for yourself, going round on a scooter for example.


Didn’t even find my baby


I got quite far but then I turned around and came back


But you did find a turd wrapped in clingfilm in your freezer?






so it’s mostly like london then


this came about because I was watching the palin around the world trip but that’s another thread


I’ve got a vague dream of visiting every country before I did. Don’t think I’ll do it though. On about 60 atm.


Look, have you or have you not done it?




Partner at my previous company was doing this. He had 6 left when he left the company. His criteria were pretty stringent as well. Had to be at least 3 nights or something like that.


You’re still doing pretty well though, what are there, about 200?


I’ve seen a million girls



I’ve been to the east coast of Australia and the west coast of the U.S.A but not crossed the Pacific, so no, I haven’t.