Have any of you ever been inside a building or structure of any kind?

Tell us about it if so

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buddy, im inside one right now


Me too actually

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does a tent count?

Yeah, I think that would fall under the remit of “structure” to be fair to it

great, then yes

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Nope, a life lived entirely outside for me. Like a salmon.

sometimes im inside a building or structure but i really want to be outside, and othertimes maybe im outside but i actually want to be inside. life eh, its a funny old game

They call this “The Plumbers Conundrum” but it applies to all walks of life in my experience.

I saw a salmon in a structure once.

If you’re a trader and you’ve spent money on a building or structure, you can claim tax relief on qualifying expenditure at a rate of 3%, spread across 33⅓ years.

No, and anyone that has is an IDIOT

This sounds like a sex thing so count me in.

What the hell does this mean?

If you want further information I would have to charge you I’m afraid.

Like a bull?


I would probably ask for cash, but if a bull is all you have, then yeah.


No I meant like the way that bulls ask for money sometimes

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Is that why there’s that statue of a bull in Wall Street?

Thanks, you’re likable too

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