Have any of you ever bought drugs from those guys that ask you if you're interested in buying drugs by muttering under their breath (for example, in Camden)?

I can’t imagine anyone in their right mind would do this but people must do otherwise it wouldn’t continue.

I have not. But I sometimes pretend I’m interested to have a gander at what they’ve got, because I’m actually less trustworthy than these men as it happens.

they’re just trying to make an honest living!

Some youngish lad in Islington on Saturday night came up and asked me “have you got any food?”.

Is ‘food’ drug lingo? Or did he actually want a sandwich or something?

I think he just wanted some food mate


In Camden.

On the bridge.

Given that it’s a saturday night in islington I’d say he was looking or a quinoa kebab.

could have meant plant food i.e. mephedrone or indeed, something to eat

good stuff, how did it go? (please don’t say uneventful)

I wonder simply Royter Hat.

yeah, have met some of the more reliable dealers like this actually. have never bought there and then though, always taken a number and called a few weeks later, or whatever.

this was ages ago though. don’t touch that SHITE now, of course.

Came out of a Sonic Youth gig at the roundhouse giddy/drunk enough to think it was a good idea - I think we were actually surprised that buying drugs on that bridge was even still a thing, but we managed to procure a couple of pills. ‘Came up’ within about 10 minutes of taking them, went home, had a laugh, passed out, woke up very hyperactive and then decided to make apple crumble.


No but I did end up having a nice conversation with someone trying to sell me weed in Berlin.

They’re so friendly when you’re on holiday. A guy in Lisbon offered me something, weed I think. When I shook my head he then offered me viagra and laughed.

Talk To Frank doesn’t recognise it Mephedrone | Mcat | Effects of Mephedrone | FRANK

Is this a survey to support your upcoming Dragons’ Den pitch?

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Once at one of @xylo’s open mic nights, a bloke sat down next to me and whispered something I couldn’t quite hear, went back and forth a few times with me being politely “I’m sorry I didn’t quite catch that”, eventually he semi-shouted at me DO YOU WANT TO BUY SOME COKE MATE.

I declined.

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@_em is paying me for some market research

who was it, cc?