Have any of you ever changed career paths?


I don’t actually have one, but feel I’m already too old and stupid to change that.
Tell me about your experiences below.


No. Always been a retail lackey


Admin to analyst via social research masters


Tell me more.


Admin to curriculum development management via hard work and promotions.


no i’m in too deep / too old to do anything else

i know technically you’re never to old to do something else and even if you’re 50 you can pack it in and decide to become a vet or whatever but in the real world you can’t


Only about 3 times


Yeah it was really tough and suffered financially for a few years but I changed paths from an Administrator to a Senior Administrator and don’t regret it at all now.

EDIT: Just get in touch if you want any pointers


Fuck man that sounds like a bloody tough call to make, kudos


I don’t like to think of myself as having a career but I don’t have one so it’s easy.

I started it by doing another degree at OU, this time in physics, I finished it a couple of years ago with the intention of doing a phd but indecision and doubt etc etc have meant that I haven’t taken it any further. Although I did email a few people this week about some phds. I just can’t decide, I’ve been looking at everything from looking after rescue horses in Bulgaria to doing a masters in ecology, I have absolutely no experience in either.


Anything specific?


Not going to lie I’ve sat up at night wondering about whether I did the right thing but I think on balance it was worth it and I’d have been very unhappy staying in my previous occupation.


I wouldn’t say I have a particular career path, but I managed to go from a job I disliked in a field I didn’t care about (admin drone at a pensions company) to a job I liked in a field I was interested in (debt and housing adviser at a Citizens Advice Bureau). Key factors:

  • having a sort-of “spark” of interest - for a good three or four years I had absolutely no idea what to do with my life, and then I saw an advert for a free debt advice centre and just thought “yep, I’d like to do that”
  • volunteering - I worked as a volunteer debt adviser and administrator for about 18 months before getting a paid role
  • flexible working - I did the volunteering one day a week and did a slightly reduced week of work compressed into four days.

You seem like a really bright spark, and you’re, what, 27? You’ve got decades ahead and you’re definitely not too old to do this.


Broke off a potentially lucrative career progression path at the bowling alley to play a football management simulator for money.


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Well I’ve sort of had cursory look at social research masters so what are they like, and are they actually worth having?


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