Have any of you ever done a guitar set up?

I’ve only ever tinkered with mine. I’d like to be able to do more but it’s not really something I’d know much about. I’d worry if I started it, it could turn into a much bigger job than I’d anticipated.

Having a jazzmaster it is pretty essential to learn the basics, only thing I won’t go near is the truss road. Going to shim the neck soon, bit worried about that

the truss worries me too, I nearly mentioned it specifically

Small adjustments, let it settle between them.

i have done it badly, yes

this is the sort of tale that puts me off doing it myself

Hopefully it won’t need adjusting, you can learn how to measure it pretty easily

Haven’t done the nut or frets. Have done all the other common stuff, I think.

That said, I’ve got a bass that I’m really not happy with and that’s going to a professional to sort out, if I ever get round to it.

I’ve fiddled around with truss rods - it’s really not that scary. Obviously more fiddly if it’s the kind where you need to take the neck off to do it.

Top tip for that kind - put a capo on the 1st fret (Stops the strings going everywhere when the neck comes off) and use some tape to fasten the metal plate thing to the back of the neck before you start undoing the screws

I wouldnt recommend it unless you really know what you’re doing

Cut the head of mine into a fucking cool lightning bolt as a teen

risky endeavour

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by the way, I absolutely hate it in work emails when someone says “i shall endeavour to do this…”

i wouldn’t truss myself

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