Have any of you ever used lack of sleep as a reason for not going into work?

How did it go down?


it went fine

this better not ruin my thread

I’ve not given it as the reason, but it’s been the reason.

Yes, was in A&E until 6am, they were fine with it.

same here, I didn’t want to pretend i was sick though again so here i am in work

Oh actually foppyish I’ve massively lied to you here, I did it a few months ago. My flight back from Munch was delayed by three and a half hours, and it was already going to be an 11 pm landing at Heathrow. Driving past my own workplace at 4 am was a bit of a shiter.

I got about five seconds into explaining this on the phone to my boss, and before I offered to take the day as holiday she interrupted me to say “good god, go back to bed, we’ll see you tomorrow”.

So it went pretty well, I’d say.

Call it Munch again and I’ll break your fucking legs.


Sorry, meant to be München. I really should use the authentic term now that I’m there so frequently that I can consider myself to be a local.

No but I used it as an excuse to leave an hour early. It went fine.

I have multiple times, yes.

But then again I was suffering with insomnia for 18 months so…

Oh yeah big time. It was fine.

Partly, but didn’t think it would pass muster so also really amped up how lousy my cold was making me feel. (The lack of sleep wasn’t really my fault as Southeastern massively fucked my train up in the evening and I didn’t get to bed until midnight having worked 6 hours, spent 5 hours on trains and 3 hours frying my brain with shorthand, so I thought it was justified to take a day off.)

Yes. I find it really hard to get to sleep on Sunday nights. Never been able to get to the bottom of it. Initially thought it was because i wasn’t wearing myself out by working, so i started working Sundays, but it didn’t help. Also tried cutting out alcohol on Saturday nights, and not going on my laptop in the afternoon, but it was still a problem. Every other night i sleep like a baby, but Sunday’s i never get more than 2-3 hours, sometimes less, and i’m a relentlessly touchy bastard if i don’t have 6-8 solid hours. Weirdly, if it’s a bank holiday i nod right off on the Monday night without fail.

Obviously it looks like you’ve been out on the piss all day Sunday…

Does this make it worse or better, this is the first time it’s happened to me for a few months but I used to get quite bad bouts of it and I can’t imagine calling in regularly for a day off because I haven’t slept wouldn’t go down too well and they’d soon start asking questions.

Yeah. Had insomnia and hadn’t slept at all by the time the office opened at 8. Rang in and explained, they were ok with it. Wouldn’t have been safe for me to drive to work and back so they didn’t have much choice

Yes, they were fine with it given the circumstances. Just explained why I hadn’t slept for a couple of days and how and why I felt completely unfit to work. As long as your honest and can justify it I think it should be okay as long as you don’t take the piss. I actually got sent home due to lack of sleep 3 weeks ago (I was going through a rough patch that my employer was well aware of though)