Have any of you ever visited the fiery depths of Hell?

Any tips or advice?


Yeah I wouldn’t worry like 99% of the world’s humans are here don’t worry about it, most of them had never even heard of Jesus when they died like omg what is he like

I’ve visited Hull, and it was about as bad.

Also better fashions.

Not advice so much as a request: any chance we could have less leakage?

Feel like that’s more or a question than a request. I could rephrase it, if needed.

Please rephrase. At this stage I have no idea what you mean I’m afraid

OK, sure. Please can we have less leakage?

btw, this is addressed to the people in the fiery depths of hell who deal with the insulation of the fiery depths of hell.

Probably wouldnt want to talk about it if I had

Not been inside, but I have swooshed past on a train once or twice. Very quaint.



I’ve been in the away end at St. James Park (Exeter), yes.

We’ve got a sub-board for this sort of stuff now, it’s probably already been answered there.


Fuck, forgot about that! This becomes a 2/10 thread if I had posted it there instead of the 0.5/10 thread that it is right now

Excuse me


No, sorry you sure it exists?

Not feeling a whole lot of respect for you right now, gotta be honest

Did I do something upsetting or distressing at all?

That’s some strong subbing, if you’re capable of being taken to the fiery depths of hell.

To clarify - I am grading my own performance as Threadsmith here, not the work of my fine, fine colleagues who are doing their utmost to elevate this piece of work