Have any of you ever visited the fiery depths of Hull?

Any tips or advice?

If you mean The Deep, the world’s only submarium, then yes, once


I caught a ferry from there and nearly got in a fight with a paratrooper.

Dont do that.

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The Deep is fantastic, especially the penguin called Shackleton.

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The Deep is great. I quite like Hull, nice place on the whole/hull

I’m on a hiiiighway to Hull (M62)


Go to planet Vodka (if it is still there). Over 20 different flavours of vodka and Hull’s only rotating dance floor (which was a small circle of the floor about a metre in diameter).

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The new single from Half Man Half Biscuit, in stores now!


Went to Hull last summer with mrs suapth and had a really great time. Was a fun city to wander round in the sunshine for a few days, friendly people and relatively affordable.

Stayed at the Hideout Hotel in a two-room self catered apartment overlooking the minster, highly recommend it. Decent pub run by Atom brewery next door which did various types of Hull patties (fried potato in a ball) and the hotel also had a nice cafe downstairs.

Food and drink: Trinity Market next to the Minster has some good street-food style options, and a fantastic coffee shop in the middle called Caffeinated. Doner Summer opposite the Minster for vegan kebabs and tater tots. Best options were around Humber Street (Thieving Harrys our favourite), and further afield there’s Newland Avenue in the area near the university with plenty of cafes, restaurants, bars etc.

Art Galleries & Museums: Ferens Art Gallery, Humber Street Gallery, Old Fruit Market (also Humber St) had fairly interesting exhibitions on. Streetlife Museum and the complex round there were small but worth a look as they’re all free.

Shops: various independent artsy type gift shop places on Humber St and Newland Ave, there’s also a handful of decent record shops in Trinity market and a huge one with a lot of second-hand stuff on the high street (Wrecking Ball Music).

Beverley was an easy day-trip by train - more traditionally touristy with some nice little historical things to explore.



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Visited? I was born there (well, very close by - in Beverley as mentioned upthread).

Haven’t actually been since I had a job interview there in about 2010 though. Don’t think it’s as bad as it’s reputation.

Hull’s ok. Recommend the area around Newlands Avenue - lots of independent shops, bars and restaurants.

There’s also a newly developed area not far from The Deep around Humber Street with some similar sorts of places.

In the centre of the city the Ferens Gallery is really good, as is the Maritime Museum.

Also take the chance to see this superb piece of public art while you can. Developers have been trying to destroy it for years. It’s been listed now so will supposedly be saved, but not as it was intended to be.

As mentioned above Trinity Market is good - it’s been significantly upgraded and improved in recent years and has lots of good food places and a very good second hand record place.

Go to the dinosaur museum

I’ve been to Hull for various work things particularly during the City of Culture year. As already stated the Ferens Art Gallery is well worth a visit as is the University’s art collection in the Brynmor Jones Library. Uno’s Trattoria makes a great pizza. Last time I was there I stayed in Hessle which was a nice little place, felt quite villagey despite being on the outskirts.

From scunny over the river and used to go shopping there a lot in the 90s. Not been back since it’s been done up but want to visit when back up home so will keep an eye on this thread

At least tell us the story!

It’s a measure of how open and generous DiSers are that I got a load of serious responses to what was a joke thread. Thank you everyone.

Except @aggpass for making that AC/DC joke.

Go to Spiders

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Have not been since city of culture year, but Hull is properly a decent city - so much better than it’s reputation (mostly garnered from people who have never been in my experience) and actually something of a lost gem. @suapth in particular has covered a lot of the good stuff, but I would recommend here for dinner which was an absolutely brilliant experience:


This is a great little independent venue for touring bands:


Hull Old Town is really nice to wander around, with plenty of cozy pubs, as is the area around the marina. Immediately out of town, Spurn Head is worth visiting as a geographical lovely curio:

Also, a wander over The Humber Bridge really does highlight was a feat of engineering it is:

Also ^this. So much ^this :+1:


Went to Uni in Hull late 90s and Spiders is still my favourite club ever. Good to hear it’s still going.

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