Have any of you guys ever completed a solo sailing circumnavigation of the world?

Would be really interested in hearing about your experience and the challenges you faced if so


Yes but I ABSOLUTELY cannot talk about it.



chance would be a fine thing

No thanks, I’m full!

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Starting to come round to the idea that I never will.

I have sailed around the world a total of 4 times (3 as one was abandoned) but was with a crew of 2 other people. Would you be interested to hear about that?

I did try, but these fucking pelicans kept hanging out on my boat so it didn’t count as solo in the end.

And the pelicans hogged all the credit

let me just check, give me a minute



well, if ever you are, you can read all about it on my blog!

I will never click that link. That is a fucking promise.

A fine thing indeed.

Yes and I would scream that Enya song at the top of my lungs every time I was changing course or trying to avoid something.

It was okay to do that because I was on my own you see.

Book of Days?

Not yet

Yep did it with a couple French lads called Tom and Guy. They said they were gonna write a song about it

SOLO, asshole

Oh yeah my bad

Not for me, I hate boats and being on water and have yet to meet a cat who has charmed me