Have any of you guys ever completed a solo sailing circumnavigation of the world?

Was typing saying i didnt do it but willy fog did in 80 days, then checked to see if it was by boat. It wasn’t. And it isn’t even willy fogg its phileas fogg, willy fog (one g) is some lion that was on the bbc ages ago and something i forgot i even watched


Thoroughly enjoyable post regardless

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I’ll be circumnavigating the seas between rotterdam and hull in a few days, if you catch my drift

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Haha, yeah, I think I do, mate :wink:

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I’ve checked, and no I don’t think I ever have done that.

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All my solos are done sailing circumnavigation of the world tbh.

Guitar solos

Thanks for checking at least


Oh wait, wanking?


Have I!


Once, yeah. Originally I was just meant to find a nice route to the Orient for the King of Spain but being the mad lad I am I only ended up going round the whole globe, didn’t I? What am I like, eh?!

Hang on, no, that wasn’t me at all, was it? It was Magellen. Ah well, easy mistake to make.

No, but a family member has.

Anything I should ask him?

Ask him if he found himself any mates out there…

Shall do (through his son, my… step bro in law)

Cheers pal x

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Yes, once