Have any twins been born on either side of 1st September

and then been in different school years!?!?!?



Have any twins been born on either side of 1st September


I doubt it would work that way so no

A mate at school’s aunt was in the year below him


I’m taking this as a yes. Many thanks.

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No problem

My dad once told me that he taught two sisters in the same class in school but that’s just ‘irish twins’ so not really relevant

Who cares maaaaan

Is your dad Irish?

Interestingly the cut off for the school year here is the end of June.

Are twins a different thing in Ireland?

The Proclaimers

No need to look it up, you have my word that it’s fact

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No but I taught a class where there was a brother and sister who were meant to be in different years, but the boy was held back, and so they were in the same class but tired of telling people they weren’t twins.

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Two examples. Thread has worked very well.

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Irish twins is two siblings born 9 months apart, so the mother got pregnant directly after the first child was born. It’s called ‘irish twins’

My dad is Irish

Ah I see. Probably something an English lad like me should avoid saying tbh

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My cousin and I are about 2 weeks apart, end of August and start of September, and he was always in the year below me and I used to laugh at him for it. I went to middle school though which went up to year 7 and he didn’t, so when he started year 7 in secondary school and i started year 8 in high school, it felt like he caught up and I was displeased


My cousins are twins born one just before midnight and the other just after but in June, sorry they weren’t born two months later so we’d know

Or from Northern Ireland.