Have I been hacked or some shit?

Help me out with this DiS, just got this e-mail

I’ve never applied for credit on anything in my life and have no insurance policy,

what’s going on?

spam or someone’s used your email address probably, I’d ignore it



I went to their proper site and it’s all like “please enter the postcode and the phone number and these three digits from your bank account number that you used to register your agreement.”

Do you want me to go round to them and rough them up just a little?

Whahey! Beers are on Bammers! :beers: :money_with_wings:


bit worried all my money will be gone in the morning :frowning:

Trash it! Don’t put your postcode/name/bank details into any sites it takes you to. Job done.

(beers still on Bammers tho)

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Some shit, probably.

Mrs BITT had her card skimmed/cloned w/e a couple of weeks ago

the irony being that the fraud centre at her bank were texting her for days saying ‘We suspect that someone has been attempting to make unauthorised transactions with your card. Please call us on…’ and she had been ignoring the texts because she thought the texts were some kind of scam