Have I missed something or is there no Monday thread?



Monday’s cancelled. Back to bed, everyone.


HI. Busy day at work today, started in the gym which has made me feel a lot better. I don’t know why I always get lazy and forget that exercise makes me feel way better about everything.

Spent the weekend in a cabin in the Swedish forest next to a lake. Not bad at ALL.

  • 10/10 cake, that.
  • Gmail has changed but I cba to decide if I hate it or not
  • Working in the kitchen this morning to meet new students. (Grim)
  • C. B. A.


everyone is too busy trying to wake Billie Joe Armstrong up


That cake is unreal.

I got up early to my coffee for my GF. Got my PS2 hooked up last night so all I want to do is go home and play FFVII.


I’ve had Don’t Let Go by En Vogue in my head for a few days now.

Shitloads of holiday stuff to get sorted this week. ARGH.




“The search confirms that there are no current schemes for the construction of a new road within 200m of the property, which should give you the necessary assurance that it is not intended to drive a new road through your property.” is one HELL of a sentence to be reading this early on a Monday morning.


For fans of the shop Lush, what are some good stuff to get someone as a gift?



Morning all!

Back in the office after my little break last week. We appear to have new monitors and keyboards, which is nice.

it’s a bit of an odd week this week where I won’t be in with my other half in the evening until next Sunday (because either she’ll be out or I’ll be out).


yeah that looks alright


products from the shop Lush, at a guess


Doctors appointment

Leftover daal with grilled aubergine for lunch


Day off today!

Going to the Hayward Gallery to see an exhibition then to Tom Kerridge’s new restaurant for an early evening meal. That’ll do nicely.




Feel like death.


This is a sympathy like.

(And yours @Matt_was_taken)


Flipping love the Hayward. Had a look at the website there and the current exhibitions look brilliant.


Need a big cuddle and a big mug of tea not sympathy.

(And also to never see a beer ever again)