Have I? (poll thread)

This is a poll thread for getting other dissers to guess what you’ve done more of

Have I, during lockdown, eaten more:

  • Creme Eggs
  • Lindt balls

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Have I, during the lockdown:

  • Been to the shops more
  • Taken the bins out more

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I like this thread

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Me, in lockdown

  • Eaten more chocolate
  • Eaten more crisps

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are you the guy who saves half a chocolate bar for a year or do I have you confused with someone else?

guess that would spoil the poll actually :zipper_mouth_face:

I do but that’s only for really fancy stuff. Regular Diary Milk gets eaten at perfectly non-controversial speeds

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Have I had more

  • hot meals
  • baths

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are we talking by weight or individual unit?

  • drunk fewer beers
  • drunk more beers

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  • eaten more pork pies
  • eaten fewer pork pies

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absolutely no chance you’ve eaten more creme eggs then. could get through about 30 balls in a sitting as opposed to 2 max creme eggs

I’ve eaten 6 creme eggs in one go several times. It can be done


TIL dis doesn’t know me at all.

I ate 92 creme eggs if that helps


think I’m done with them for the year after about 5.

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that’s amazing!

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have I spent more time doing

  • Dancing
  • Press Ups

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