Have just replaced a lightbulb

that is supposed to last ten years (lasted one) with another that is supposed to last 25 years.

Place your bets.

I reckon it will last 60 years

(Did I ever post about my great-Nan’s lightbulb that still works from during the blitz?)

No. I would love to hear it but quickly a story of my own.

I got a lava lamp in the 90s revival. Haven’t used it since the 90s. My son spotted it in a box the other day and wanted to see it. Works perfectly.

Which side was you nan on in the blitz?


<4 years. Baby Balonz and Ol’ Daddylonzo will accidentally break it doing a Star Wars lightsaber duel

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based on the broken one, this one will last 2.5 years

It’s in the bathroom under a dome thing so that shouldn’t happen. We do have a lightsabre, a Vader one. I’m not sure if getting a second would be wise…

That is some solid maths, mate.

isn’t it just?

Yes, replaced one in the kids room yesterday.

one year (also based on the broken one)

Great article. Heartwarming stuff. I assume she has replaced that bulb with an LED one to keep fuel bills down?

Great shame about Woolies too.

Only one person (me) has clicked this link! You should be ashamed of yourselves!

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She’s dead now (and was dead at the time of the article), the ladies in the article are my Nan and her sister.

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there’s something about not touching a certain bit of lightbulb otherwise it shortens its life. i know this cos i was in some shop and the geezer in there was showing me the lightbulbs and I got one out of the box and he did a sharp intake of breath as if it was the most ridiculous thing he’d ever seen and i was like “I’m gonna buy it mate don’t worry” and he was like “ooookay mate if you want a lightbulb with a shortened lifespan that’s fine with me” as if I was the stupidest cunt he’d ever met.

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would really appreciate some sort of feedback on this post when i get back from lunch