Have there been any good MASSIVE RIFFS this year?

Not had much chance to listen to a lot of new music this year, but what I’ve listened to has been sorely lacking in RIFFS.

Link me up to big noodly riffs with a groove, please.

Get your ears around this pal, absolute banger.

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Pure good-time riffage right there.

Kevin is in fucking Jail


The new Goat album is a sprawling wonder, and right towards the end you get GOATFUZZ, which is just incredible.

I’d link to it if I could.

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That was last year (two thousand and riffteen)

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does this work?

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Wytches - Ghost House
good stomping main riff and Sabbathy churn between

loads of good riffs in this song


A new Red Fang album came out yesterday.

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Silent Earthling by Three Trapped Tigers is packed with lots of cracking riffs.

Riff based heavy psych monster. Not really noodly or groovy, but quite propulsive.

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