Have to give a 5 min talk to class tomorrow morning


Drink in the morning before I go to uni:

  • Yes
  • No

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Unless you’re going to bring in drink in for the whole class and you’re going to get everyone to do shots. In which case you may as well see how that goes?

But serious mode - Have a good meal tonight, have some decent sleep. Practice it a couple times and don’t overdo it. Treat yourself to something once it’s over. You’ll be fine mate.


12 pack of kestrel.

give the talk on ‘you all think you’re so great’


practise at least three times today. the first one or two will be excruciating (if I’m taking this thread as tacit evidence that you’re not into/experienced in public speaking) but after that you will feel much better about doing it. Don’t practise and the real thing will be excruciating.


mate if he does 3 x 12 kestrels his death will be excruciating


Turn up wearing just your underwear


drink a smoothie


what’s the talk about?


Cup of coffee (whisky shot optional)


Five minutes is no time at all. By the time you’ve high-fived the people in the front row, bantered with the audience, and shuffled your presentation materials it will be over.


Used to really hate giving public presentations. Basically I could feel that I was shaking, sweating, bright red… a complete mess. But having talked to people afterwards, no one ever noticed, so what the fuck was I worried about.

Basically, just go out there, do it and literally no one will give a shit/notice/care that you’re nervous unless you literally soil yourself on stage. Remembering that somehow makes it easier.


Absolutely this. These nerves are almost always internal. I would very much recommend practising out loud, as practising in your head is not the same as actually saying the words.

If you have slides, try not to memorise them word for word, but try to practise presenting each slide without any notes so that you are comfortable presenting the content without any aides.

Good luck!


Just an update: got the second worst mark in the class and it’s really dented what little confidence I have even though I felt prepared and thought it went okay. Cheers.


Feel fucking shit


: ( Sorry to hear that BS. What feedback did the marker give?



Does the mark count towards your final grade? Regardless, it might still be worth asking the tutor for feedback and seeing if there’s stuff you can improve on next time. I’m sure there are parts of your work that you excel at, otherwise you wouldn’t have made it onto the course.

I used to hate giving presentations and stuff, and tbh there’s still a part of me that feels really uncomfortable standing in front of a group of people. But I’ve persevered and I can do an okay job now, I think.

I know it’s easy for me to say (and I’m sorry if I sound like a smug old twat), but you can pick yourself up from this and keep going.


Well what pissed me off is that there was a panel consisting of two lecturers and one manchild ‘from industry’. The lecturers gave me 2 out of 3, he gave me 1. I naturally assumed this meant I’d receive a 2, as it was 2 against 1 excuse the pun. But instead they had a discussion about it and changed my mark to 1.


Wouldn’t mind if it was three 1s initially, although I’d be disappointed. Just feel hard done by. Doesn’t seem fair tbh. It’s literally 1 mark so I shouldn’t care but it’s annoyed me.


No it makes very little difference as it was only worth 5%

It’s just brought attention to the fact I’m a timid, nervous cunt and I shouldn’t be at my age