Have we covered the UK building a wall yet?



Literally thought it was an onion headline at first.


Just so I get this clear: if a migrant can make it to the UK they can then claim asylum and will have their case looked into?

Or do they have to also escape detection at the other end and somehow make a life for themselves illegally?


If I remember correctly, yes if refugees are able to get to the UK they can claim asylum and have their case looked into.

I have no idea about what happens during the time after they’ve potentially lodged a request and the request has been accepted however.


Post parody era mate


They’ll be placed in a camp that likely barely meets basic human rights requirements, I’d imagine :worried:

Frankly, this is just utter bullshit. How many are there? I bet we could easily house them all. Fuck this govt and fuck the public.


aye but the migrants will pay for it, yeah?!


scotland and northern ireland probably


If they’ve been fingerprinted in another member state (except states where incoming transfers have been suspended, e.g. Greece) they would be unlikely to be able to claim asylum in the UK

This is why many refugees burn off their own finger tips. Ironically, Brexit could mean we can’t do Dublin transfers anymore. Arguably, the whole system is basically on its last legs anyway cause you’ve got some member states saying they’re no longer accepting anyone back (in violation of the regulation). There’s very recent case law setting out how Dublin can be bypassed by Article 8 convention rights in family reunification cases. So it really depends on the circumstances, particularly if they already have family in the UK. In principle, everyone has the right to claim asylum, and their claim must be done on an individual basis (so any sweeping statement about who in calais is and isn’t eligible will be wrong).