Have we done Moyes yet?

So, what do we think…?

Really enjoyed Darren Gough talking about ‘lady reporters’ when discussing this.


Adrian Durham is such a cunt

Yup, I quite enjoy angering up the blood on the drive home every now and then.


I think he’s done himself tbh.


he should be sacked but he won’t be.

Exactly this.

I generally like Moyes and think he was given the impossible job at Sunderland. But this is indefensible.

However, when you have the precedent set by Richard Scudamore not so long ago, you know he’ll get a cursory fine, probably have to go on a ‘diversity’ course and football will remain morally backward.

Seen people defending it cause he’s laughing and so is she but it seems more nervous laughter from the reporter’s part as in “…is he being serious here”

Thought it came across far worse as reported speech than in the actual video. Odd thing to say and I’d have been a bit baffled in that situation, but personally don’t see it as anything more than an awkwardly overfamiliar throwaway comment, and certainly not a sackable offence. Obviously it’s worse if the reporter felt threatened, but I didn’t interpret her reaction like that.


Think the fact it’s after the interview makes it worse, thought it was part of it originally.

Enjoyed this discussion about it

If I made that comment (and the follow up comment which isn’t in the looped video above) to someone in my workplace they would have every right to complain and I would more than likely be dismissed.


I think there is definitely a ‘context’ missing from this which needs to be aired. I can foresee an instance where I would say something similar to a family member / colleague / mate (either male or female) as a joke. I am absolutely confident that if I did it would be taken as a joke because of the context and the relationship I have with the person to whom I was saying it. It wouldn’t be something I would say to just anyone as it can quite clearly be taken as a threat. I’m not sure Moyes has that sort of relationship with the reporter (unless that is yet to be revealed) and there is clearly a veiled threat in it all due to what is said off-camera afterwards.

In context it’s just a bit weird, the words of an old company man under a lot of stress. Think the point is he’d never ‘joke’ like that to some other old hand like Jonathan Pearce. He’s zeroed in on Sparks’ lack of seniority, she doesn’t ask him anything he shouldn’t be anticipating.

I’m neither here nor there about him getting sacked for it (he won’t be). For it probably because I think he’s a miserable prick anyway whose departure wouldn’t hurt Sunderland at this point and it would annoy the YOU CAN’T SAY ANYTHING THESE DAYS brigade, which would be ideal.

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AKA: Daily Mail readers

true. It’s not very often I get interviewed on camera about my pathetic performance at the end of the day either.

Although I do have my answers pre-prepared just in case:
“It’s not you, it’s me.”
“It’s never happened before… must be the wine.”

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massively this

the way he says it makes me think he in no way intended to be threatening, but ultimately what he said was… undeniably threatening and it’s very strange that he failed to realise this

should he be sacked? dunno

I was expecting a bit more of a shitstorm in this thread.
I miss fidel sometimes

Really doubt he’d have said it to a male reporter though, even one he’s familiar with.

Same as lumbering dinosaur Paul Ince dismissively calling Jacqui Oatley ‘darlin’ when he disagreed with her last week.

Both of them should be held accountable and I would back Ince not getting work and Moyes getting sacked, but seeing the video I do understand why people would say that’s a little harsh on Moyes, I might disagree but I do get it.

‘Dinosaur’ is a good word to use. I do find when ‘this type of thing’ happens there is often a generational divide in the backlash.