Have we done this? Most "desirable" postcodes to live in


I grew up in PO32, the fifth most desirable place to live in England, and it truly is a dump.

Chat please.

these are bollocks aren’t they

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ahahah fucking eastleigh is on there

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Yes but chatting about it is better than doing nothing.


Junior Baiano.

This is now the 1998 Brazilian World Cup squad thread.

Grew up in the 7th most desirable welsh postcode. Baffled by the number one choice there though.

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All of those places sound terrible.

Also you know it’s a joke because the Wales list includes two Barry postcodes, and everyone knows Barry is a total shit hole.

Would be interesting to see this mapped onto something regarding immigrant demographics and also numbers of non-white people already living there to find out if it’s basically a list of places racists would love.


This seems like a Tory thing to care about.

  • Ooh count me in!
  • Nah mate, no Tory.

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I take offence at CF62 being called Barry. My address was officially “Nr Barry”

Postcode chat - were you a CF71?

Having a “desirable” postcode, you mean?

It’s just a postcode isn’t it? I love the idea that they can be “desirable” because HOW CAN THEY BE.

[SE6 reprezent]

Only ones I recognise are Horsforth (dull) and Dronfield (looks shit from the train)

no i dont but i can confirm that sale is a boring fucking place

You know it blud.

Yeah horsforth is the middle classest place imaginable.

Thinly-veiled “couldn’t afford to move to Horsforth” post.

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There must be some mistake as there are no London postcodes on the list.

Also, they couldn’t even be bothered to spell the #1 place in Scotland right.

oh the link is the Torygraph.

fuck that.

Ipswich lol. Ipswich is the laughing stock of East Anglia