Have we done this yet?

None of them can even grow a beard, weird them owning a house.

DISCLAIMER: I can’t grow a beard, but I rent


Got as far as “a debt collector from Oldham”



my favourite is the shitcunt who thinks bolton’s really far from oldham. fucking idiot, it’s like half an hour drive.

anyway all of these dicks lived with their folks until they could afford a house. anyone can save money with literally no outgoings. FUCK this makes me angry and i dont even want to buy a stupid house again


Imagine thinking buying land was a sensible aim in life

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  1. Live outside a city with jobs
  2. Have parents who you get on with, and who have a house big enough for you to live in while you’re saving
  3. Have a partner who also earns a decent wage
  4. Help To Buy: http://www.citymetric.com/politics/depressing-housing-chart-week-help-buy-meant-help-rich-2783

we don’t even own the land our flat is on



Can’t wait to buy a house, literally all of my worries and anxieties will disappear and I’ll be happier than I have ever been in my life ever.


The answer seems to be live somewhere crap and never have any fun.


Yeah but you’re in London so it’s basically a savings account you happen to sleep in


:bed: :money_mouth:

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Where you renting hun?
Haven’t been able to find anything local to me, this is the closest:


AND in ten years you can just rent it out to people like me who’ll never be in that position and spend the rest of your days sipping pina colada’s on the isle of wight (I’d imagine this is what happens there?)

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I was on the property ladder before the age of 25. BUT

  • house prices were about 50% lower then (wtf)
  • banks were lending to pretty much anyone (and were encouraged to)
  • a 5% deposit was seen as enough

Plus personal circumstances allowed: two incomes, steady relationship, a job that paid our deposit as a relocation bonus.

I think we were pretty much the last year to be able to have it that easy. Two years later, and student loans were in place, house prices were astronomical and the credit crunch was nearly upon us.

If you’ve got kids, for example, the stability that comes with buying a house would certainly reduce a major cause of stress, no?

Could you grow a beard though?

None of the people in that article owned a home at 25. They got mortgages by then.

I never tried! But I probably could have.

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