Have we enjoyed http://www.propela.co.uk/


Nice and fun

Tag yourself I’m Amish Futurist


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Not sure about anything anymore. Enjoyed this for the spoof it was but then real companies are listed

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I’m part Techno Poet and part Future Archaeologist

Help me…

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Followed a link from one of the pages.

What… is it? Branded content? For who? Who could give a shit? How does this possibly move the needle for Stella Artois sales?

Sometimes I realise there’s this whole shadow industry of marketers selling bullshit to other marketers. All these conferences that are entirely self-referential and absolutely meaningless. It’s incredible and baffling.

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used to deal with a lot of this shite in my old job (working for a ‘semiotics agency’).

unhappily might actually be ‘the future’ in the sense that tonnes of brands seem to be buying into it.

used to feel churlish thinking it’s dumb and awful, as I figured it must at least be better than past advertising, but actually having someone design empty, branded experiences for you really is shite and it would be better if everybody just hung out with each other not inhaling artisinal gin in a bar run by an idiot.

have you read satin island by tom mccarthy?

the professor of senses worked with heston blumenthal

so if you make anything out of anything, or even just talk guff about making stuff, that’s ‘hacking’ now?

“Provocative visionary”.

In other words, mature student.

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I think that post probably constitutes some kind of hacking

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One of those few times I’ve looked at something recently that’s actually made me feel old.

When I was at university, there was a type of architecture student (usually at the Bartlett or the AA) who had such a safety net that they could afford to indulge themselves and create multi-media projects that weren’t really about architecture without having to worry if it meant that they failed the year. They also invariably had so many connections that it would end up in loads of publications afterwards too.

Everyone I knew would have loved to have done something similar, and was talented enough to do a project like that, but they just couldn’t afford to take the risk involved.

These people remind me of that.

What sort of twat doesn’t have “a healthy disregard for the impossible”?

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We recently hired a new head of marketing and his life is basically made up of complex speadsheets. All he does is study trends and patterns and work out how to maximise various stats and work out efficiencies. And it works! He does mention some bullshit about a “golden thread” the other day but I can’t imagine he’d ever be board with co-branded conceptual dream spaces as a way to promote the brand.


job was exactly that stupid, half as interesting.

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