Have we got a generic thread for the Tom Watson dab thing?


Fucking hell.


Going to need some context here


The world is too stupid


That man needs banning from the internet


Yer man JC made a point about the NHS in PMQs. Tom Watson did a celebratory dab, while sat there on the bench.

Deeply embarrassing for all concerned.


Would’ve been hilarious if Corbyn looked genuinely worried, another opportunity missed!


Oh. That seems very bad and silly


But enough about JC’s abilities!!



(Guys, what’s a dab?)


I too would like to know what a dab is


It’s when you point your face into your elbow, originally as a silly dance for Americans to disguise snorting MDMA in clubs, but now just to prove you’re a prick.



Brief explanation here: www.google.co.uk


finally! marckee’s information mine revealed!


I tend to use DuckDuckGo, personally, but you normies might not be able to work it out.


I just watched it. I decree that it is not a good thing but it is also not the worst thing I have ever seen (which was at my company’s conference but I can’t divulge the details unfortunately).


Chill out theWZA


It didn’t help.




Quick round of Stealth BOMBer?