Have we had a chat about the cafe with an 18% "men tax"


I don’t fully know what to think of this (there’s a lot of people on here who usually have very insightful opinions on related topics, more so than me)…but it does feel a bit… uncomfortable? I definitely believe in discourse being the biggest aid to progress and this is a bit regimented (although it isn’t compulsory).


It’s not compulsory :man_shrugging:t2:


I’ve covered that


i’m not against these sort of things but we’re in a bit of a culture war & I wonder if it’s tactically a good idea. like presumably the people who go into a hipster coffee shop in melbourne understand the pay gap, the only large scale and genuine response to this was always going to be reactionaries being reactionary about it. if it’s easily weaponised by the other side and isn’t likely to achieve much i dunno if it’s worth anything.

idk don’t listen to me.


I think it’s quite a clever, fun way of addressing an important issue.


yeah i meant dunno why anyone can be that annoyed then


Yeah I don’t agree with the ire it generates…but I agree with what @tricklenipple says…either you’re preaching to the converted or just enraging steadfast reactionaries who use it as propaganda.


the extra money is going to charity though isn’t it?


I’ve not read…probably. Whether it does or not is fine with me…I was really commenting on the discussion it creates.


The weapons yammering on that they’ll never go there, would have never gone there.


feminism at it’s cheekiest


Oh good, while it’s a cause worth fighting for, as an unemployed male I wouldn’t go there knowing I’d be charged more




Business can do whatever it wants to do, if it’s a bad idea it won’t survive. It’s a very real and tangible way to demonstrate pay inequality. If you get paid 18% less then everything is (in relative terms) 18% more expensive, in theory, this closes the pay gap.

The problem is a lot of pay inequality is found higher up the chain and this applies the theory to everyone, even low rung employees who are in roles which has pay band based wages. Which creates inequality and resentment.

Either way it’s a very good way of demonstrating pay inequality even if it isn’t done in the most tactful way. The men that are angry about this should reverse the principle and realize this is a thing that exists and how much of an outrage pay inequality is.


if you get paid 18% less, then everything is (in relative terms) 22% more expensive


So they’re effectively giving men a 4% discount!


I like it.

I might open a working class cafe and charge 30% more to anyone with a tote bag


seems fine


would help fund this. run it as a cooperative with no management and you’ve got yrself an investor.


Can I be the working class maître d?

“Table for two, mate?”
“Sit where ya fucking like. Order at the till”