Have we had a chat about the cafe with an 18% "men tax"


Sounds good. 1million pounds for 5% of the profits.

@twentynine - you’re hired! buton probation, and initially as an intern. It’ll be excellent experience.


Thanks, Mr Ducking, it’ll look brilliant on my CV! I’ll give it ~91%


tote bags aren’t middle class
make it kankens


Someone doesn’t accept being born with a silver spoon in their mouth


tfw you realise you’ve been a tory your whole life. Nice tote, bro


love the word tote


kankens are rich kids and city workers only. upper middle


everyones wrong
its a shame



actually I suppose totes are pretty middle class on lads
and ones with museums on


sure dude. here is you tho:




What about income inequality based on race? The average white woman still gets paid more than the average black man.


What about one based on class? You know showing vat as the regressive tax it is!


Open your own cafe then!


I’ve got a tote bag that was given to me at work when I was earning £13.5k in a call centre. Maybe it was suppose to foster a sense of aspiration within me tho. I would absolutely buy a Kanken if they were cheaper and had proper straps. The amount of stuff I struggle to fit into my rucksack because it tapers toward the top is stupid, that square shape is the future.


don’t wear that tote bag the new dis cafe


Be quiet and suck up your 18% charge.

This summer I was working teaching on a summer course. Right at the end of the 4 week period my male coworker and I discovered that although we were doing exactly the same work, we had different job titles (his implied he was a manager, and mine didn’t) and he got £1 per hour than me. I had 8 years experience, and he was new to the job. As well as pissing me off, it made him feel crappy too.

(There is also zero point me complaining about it- it was short-term work and the head office was entirely staffed by totally clueless people in almost every other regard too.)