Have we had a 'ladies and gentlemen, I give you DiS hero Michel Roux' thread yet?


There was another article about him not paying minimum wage the other day to.


He’s addressing both issues though right?


Yup, once he got busted.


I’m sad if this is how events transpired as opposed to him not being aware and then rectifying it when he became aware as he comes across as a very lovely man IMO


Service charges that come already added on the bill

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  • Fine

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Roux Jr.

  • Twat
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Yeah he seems nice but I guess it just goes to prove that we are all inherently evil beings.


That’s true I guess, very sad though eh.


So he’s charging more but still not giving tips to staff? (didnt read article)


I think so but then I guess people can give proper tips. (I haven’t read it all why should I?)


The situation is exactly the same as it was previously, he’s just not misleading people about the staff getting any of the service charge anymore


Let’s just agree that he’s a twat and move on. Sorry ant.


He’s an absolute, 100%, unmitigated cunt of a man.


Obviously a twazzock. One of his quotes in the minimum wage thing was like “When I working 80 hours a week as a trainee chef in Paris, I never looked at my pay packet once.”

Odd that the scion of a culinary dynasty wouldn’t have to worry about how he financially supported himself during his entry into the family business.




What a pwopah shitbag.


It’s a seasonal tale of a humble man who has realised the error of his ways. Let us forgive him. Glory be!


The whole service charge think is really weird I think. ‘We’re not going to really pay our staff properly, instead you as the customers can decide whether you want to supplement their wages a bit.’

Just pay them properly then it’s no problem eh?


Hark! the herald angels sing,
Glory to the Roux-born king!


yup, charge an amount as the menu price that covers all overheads, pays staff fairly etc. Then allow people to leave a tip for the staff if they want to.


Exactly. It’s so weird.