Have we had a thread about Progress going full racist yet?

Pretty sure that was in the BNP manifesto a decade ago

Get on with it, Corbyn!


I guess it’s interesting he’s a Welsh MP (or maybe he should just know better) as when people talk like this about ‘British people’ or ‘British values’, they invariably mean ‘English’.

And you wonder why they lost Scotland, eh.

apart from anything else, the semantics of this is bizarre. ‘Assimilation’ ffs.

“the british people: RESISTANCE IS FUTILE”

This is vintage. Ultimate failure in trying to square off the 2 concerns du jour for centre-left folk - “concerns about a leftist obsession with ‘identity politics’” colliding with “meeting the electorate in the middle with their ‘concerns on immigration’”. The use of the word assimilation in this context just highlighting how ill-equipped Labour is to deal with this sort of thing. It makes for both fascinating and crushingly depressing viewing.

In other words what I think this quote is attempting to do is to go “let’s not talk about our differences let’s just talk about EVERYONE, regardless, of background under the umbrella of Britishness”. Which is fair enough. Quite why you’d then go on to suggest not using a perfectly acceptable and established word for it in favour of one that is hashtag problematic is anyone’s guess.

That’s my reading of it anyway.

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If you read the other tweets from his speech it’s pretty clear he hasn’t got over the New Labour desire to triangulate on every policy - which means that his reflex is to seek common ground by offering up mild versions of BNP views while talking up Paul Nuttall’s appeal.

If that’s not what he’s doing, then his use of language is so ham-fisted and so muddled that he shouldn’t be anywhere near politics anyway.

Utterly self-defeating and self-sabotaging. The Progress conference has revealed them to be totally fine with abandoning any progressive principles if it means they can appease xenophobes.

is that S Kinnock’s words then? jfc. I thought it was a generic progress statement written by an idiot intern, that they’d sort of directed at him?

Regardless - taking it to mean britishness evolving to include facets from other cultures, rather than a desire for britishness to triumph over otherness is a fairly generous interpretation of a shit tweet…

Blairites officially worse than Tories

Trouble is, even if this is the case, it’s exactly the kind of hamfisted messaging and obliviousness that much of Progress and similar groupings were trying to oust Corbyn over. Different topic, obviously, but given they’re the self styled “competent” wing of Labour, it’s surely not too much to expect them to engage their brains a bit further before putting out things with this kind of language?

It doesn’t serve to give me much confidence that Kinnock or Progress have done any thinking since the leadership election as to why triangulation has failed Labour in recent years