Have we had a thread about Yemen?

Hey guys, I know it’s the holidays so I’m sorry to lower the mood but I’m posting some variant of this everywhere. What’s happening in Yemen atm is horrific and entirely avoidable, and if you’re looking for some way to help then a quick Google will offer plenty of charities to donate to. Oxfam, Save the Children, Unicef, etc. There are also a number of petitions up on Change and the UK government site, not sure how you feel about those however.

What I would also recommend, if you can find a quiet moment or two, is a quick email or letter to your local MP. What Saudi Arabia is doing to that country is a war crime verging on outright genocide that will easily dwarf Rwanda. Our government is complicit in the bombing campaign and naval blockade that has cut ordinary Yemenis off from the rest of the world. Our tax money is helping pay the salaries of UK military personnel who are supplying logistical and tactical support to the Saudi Regime. A little pressure might go a long way, especially if enough MPs are forced to raise the issue.

Anyway, thanks for reading this. Hope you’re having a good Christmas.