Have we had a thread on this shower of shite yet?


If so, where?

If not, what the hell is it??


Genuinely don’t know what this one is


Thank you for your interest in Amazon Treasure Truck. Unfortunately, you are not eligible for this offer. To discover more, [click here]


Well I’m clicking on it. That’s three things I want right there: treasure, a promotion and a truck.


Is this like McDonald’s Monopoly?


I could just go to the shops though?


so we have to buy some shite? THEN wait til the truck is near us then go to the truck and pick up your shite?



It seems similar except very shit haven’t clicked the link


Like there’s hundreds of shops about.


they dont move around either


Stocked with loads of different things. Is his why amazon exists? Had Jeff Bezos not encountered shops?




why wouldnt i just buy it from amazon and have them bring it to me? why would i buy it from amazon and then go to a truck to get it?


IF the truck is in your area


They sell some good stuff very cheap. Think they were doing those mini SNES consoles for like £30 recently.


has used the truck


Because the items in the truck are discounted.


I haven’t, but I am aware of its existence and would make use it of it should the correct circumstances (location, product, price) arise.


yeah but theyre all shit that i dont want


I think you’ll find that’s up to amazon…not you