Have we had a travel advice thread for Barcelona?

Going in march, staying near placa espanya in the south of the city. What’s good? It’s really spenny right? Going for 5 days but running the marathon so one of them is basically a write off, hopefully go see young Lionel doing some football too, no plans otherwise

I don’t think anyone on the boards has ever been to Barcelona


What? No.

There’s a song about that city


Anyway. Dunno if it’s still the thing to do, but if it is: Can Paixano


Oh sweet. For some reason I thought it was. Obviously anywhere with the euro will be comparatively in March but…



I’m there from this Friday for a week with work.

Love Barcelona, it’s a great place. It wasn’t too expensive when I’ve been previously.

Get up to Park Guell, get lost in the gothic quarter. Get down to Barceloneta which is the nice beach area of the city.

No eyebrows raised when I run the marathon in 35 minutes

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I would recommend having something to eat and drink and a bit of a look round.


Never been.


Seriously though, lot of great places to eat on Las Ramblas

theres usually a spinoff thread every year for primavera. so may be worth wading through them too. probably don’t go to the absinthe bar though :laughing: :dizzy_face:


Closed ages ago

Oh loads of places. El Xampanyet, Euskal Etxea, Ziryab Fusion, Cat Bar for food (good local beers at the last one too), Bar Rubi and The Box for amazing cocktails. They’re all within a five minute walk of each other in Born

spend a very hungover early afternoon in the garden behind la sagrada familia, limping back and forth from the shade to the ice cream truck

Probably my favourite little bit of the world, that

Get a shed load of fruit and fresh juice from the Boqueria market and eat it in the parc de la ciutadella or something.

Ramble round the Gothic quarter and parc guell.

Go drinking in some really decent beer wanker places

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All the Gaudí shit.
Barcelona Pavilion.
Even the Picasso Museum is alright.
Wandering around El Born.

I’ve not been for years :frowning: