Have we had a travel advice thread for Barcelona?

Always get a cheap pair in an Ale Hop when I’m in Spain

Just booked flights to go at the end of September. Buzzing. 5th time for me and 1st for my gf who’s always wanted to go.

Will be reading back to take not of all the previous recommendations but will take any new ones if there are any on offer. Especially eating recommendations.

YES mates!


New favourite bar this time round was Cantinho Brasilero. Best caipirinhas I’ve ever had and the owner is lovely (and has some great stories about Brazilian footballers that have been in the bar).

Food wise id do El Xampanyet even though it has got loads busier over the last five years. Same with Cova Fumada. If you want something more fancy we enjoyed Hisop.

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Bumping ahead of trip next week just to see if there’s any last minute recs?

For anyone who’s done Sagrada Familia - is a trip up one of the towers an essential part of the visit or nah?

When I went iirc the towers were closed at the time, it was still good tho’.

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Same we booked to go up the tower but due to high winds we couldn’t and got a refund. Still its madder inside than outside and well worth seeing.

I reckon so aye

Also Cantinho Brasiliero for Caiprinhas


If you’re going to visit anywhere else with big views of the city - Tibidabo, Montjuic, Park Güell - then just looking inside the Sagrada Familia is fine. If not, go up the towers while you’re there.

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L’alcoba Azul was really good and had lots of veggie options. Was four years ago and can’t remember how busy it was though, but three of us got a table without a reservation

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BierCab is class mates. Thanks for the recommendations

Maybe the best beer bar in the world

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