Have we had a travel advice thread for Barcelona?

Just got back from Barca

Saw good exhibitions at MAPFRE (William Eggleston), CCCB (world press photo expo), Caixaforum, El Born Centre de Culture I Memoria, Palau de la Virrena (Chantal Akerman). last two are free

Dali theatre in Figueres was amazing too, one of the best galleries I’ve ever been to

Montserrat is really beautiful, worth hiking up to sant jeroni from the monastery

Loads of good bookshops everywhere. Ultra-Local is a nice record shop. good food everywhere don’t even need to research it really

Didn’t go to any bars, don’t see the point


Really want to go there. Was between that and Sitges/Tarragona on my last Barca trip

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Yeah, really well stocked shop. Some really nice coffee shops near there too.

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Gonna go for a little January getaway with my gf I think and drink lots of fancy coffees and spicy margs and go up to Joan Miro / Montjuc