Have we seen this?!


Second ‘twat’ is sublime


the man is a national treasure.

in his honour i have just eaten two crumpets that were “absolutely pissing with marmite”. didn’t watch question time, though.


I think this video might have been retweeted into my timeline almost as many times as Batshuayi booting the ball into his own face.

I’m giving it until 10.30 before everyone remembers the nasty stuff he used to say in his Nuts/Zoo column.


Could only have been improved by using ‘cant’ instead of ‘twaaat’

Dyer is still a bit of a cockwomble though




big fan of “with his trotters up”


It still freaks my nut out to this day that we had a referendum.


I like Danny Dyer. Not perfect, but a good egg.


hold up, Good Evening Britain is a thing?