have we talked about the new Arca album?

absolutely brilliant

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Album didnt do much for me but that music video is incredible

It isn’t as good as the others and the others are masterpieces.

Like the first 3 albums. All are very challenging listens so not something I go back to much but did think the vocals on the self titled album really elevated it as well as making it a little more accessible. Haven’t listened to the new one at all though, not sure why.

this one’s connected with me more than the others for some reason… though I’ve definitely enjoyed isolated tracks in the past. Maybe this one is more immediate in a way.

It’s the first Arca album I have really enjoyed, but I think that is just a case of my taste catching up with her. Should go back and listen to the older ones again.

Its deffo more immediate than her previous albums, took more influences from the club scenes that inspired it than the completely deconstructed avant garde stuff of her previous albums. Prefer the later myself

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Lots of nice sounds, no real songs (except for the one that rips off Pure Shores)

Possibly one of my favourite gig things ever was seeing Arca at Castlefield Bowl for MIF. It wasn’t as good as the night at St Peter’s but, the crowd were not impressed. Arca was ace don’t think people made the connection that she had produced Bjork’s album with Haxan Cloak aka Bobby frumm Wakefield.

I think it’s prob my least favourite, which I’m really sad about. Will give it another go this weekend. The ST is one of my faves of the last decade, still listen to it all the time. Xen is pretty good. And Mutant is extraordinary, but you really have to be in the mood for it.

this reminds me I never got round to listening to @@@@@ and the other one…

really liked this