Have you a) been in a diser's workplace/former workplace and if so b) was it while they were working there


Smee’s former workplace The Lead Station on Beech Rd in Manchester

  • I’ve been there
  • I’ve not been there

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Between ~July 2005 and ~July 2007

  • Smee may have served me! Wow!!!
  • No it was not during that time period

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I’ve sought concrete assurances from sean that anyone voting no in poll A but still casting a vote in poll B in any given post will be banned

Someone on here used to work in the Scala. I’ve forgotten who it was though. I think they moved to Canada.

  • I have been in the Scala
  • I have not been in the Scala

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jesus christ meowington
+marckee and epimer.
sean can you nuke the website please?

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@hexagram and I used to work in the same building

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I worked at Cineworld Isle of Wight for a bit.

  • been
  • not been

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Used to work in Brixton Academy

  • Been
  • Not been

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Between September 2005 - March 2006

  • Eltham may have served me!
  • No I missed out on that privilege

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I have visited @colon_closed_bracket while he was on a work-related stall at a street fair, but it is my understanding that the marquee in which the stall was situated was not his permanent workplace. If that answers your question at all.

how many cinemas are there on the IoW? I’ve been to one, it was probably that one

I worked at Brindsa Spanish Foods in Borough Market from July 2011-May 2012

  • yes
  • no

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I worked in Glaxo in Ware for a couple of summers

  • Yes!
  • Where?

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(only expecting Epimer, laelfy, jont to maybe have been to this one)

how long’s it been there?

depends what year. since about 2000 there’s just been that one. i think. can’t even remember when i worked there tbh.

I am currently in a workplace with a current DiSer.

Milngavie Tesco

  • Yes
  • Miln… how are you saying that?

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June to August 2003

  • Yes, you were the one who made absolutely no effort to talk to customers
  • No

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balonz? are you the full roast eater?!

I’ve definitely met you then. I used to get pissed with my mate in wright bros and then stoat over and order all of the Mahon cheese.

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I went there in January 2016 to see The Force Awakens

I’ve been to Ware but the only GSK site I’ve been to is Stevenage.

I don’t think I am but this reminds me that in M&S they do those little pots of houmous with carrots, prawns with chilli sauce etc.

Their latest one?
Roast beef slices with picalilly

we’d get pissed in wright bros after the shift. get our beers and sit on the steps outside the stall.

FWIW, I spent half my time on the chorizo grill outside.

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